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Worldview: Christian & Biblical

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Worldviews Part 2
The Christian Mind
Morality Apart From God
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Distinguishing the Basics
Worldview of Genesis (pdf)

FBCT: Worldview Puzzle Series
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The Picture on Front of the Box
What's Wrong with the World
How Did We Get Here & Why?
How Do We Know What We Know?
Showing the Right Picture

Engaging Our Culture, Charles Colson
Veritas Forum: Topic Index for Audio & Video

Foundational Beliefs
2000 Baptist Faith & Message
1994 Presidential Theological Study Committee Report

Moral Issues That Flow From Worldview
American Family Association
Speicfic Moral Topics at ERLC
I Live Values
Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

Origins: How Did We Get Here?
RC Sproul interviews Ben Stein about Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
Veritas: Articles by Phillip E. Johnson
Phillip E
ARN: Phillip Johnson Resources
Philosophy & Christianity

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BP: Worldview Editorials
BP: Expositional Apologetics
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"Engage the culture," Colson exhorts...

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Academic Initiative
American Vision
BreakPoint: Charles Colson
CounterCulture Blog
Rick & Nancy Pearcey Blog
The Pearcey Report
Serious Times Update Archive  subscribe
The Veritas Forum
Ben Witherington
World Magazine
World Magazine's Blog

Commercial Resources
  • Creation Regained, Albert Wolters
  • Serious Times: Making Your Life Matter in an Urgent Day, James Emery White   related website
  • Total Truth, Nancy Pearcy
  • Shaping a Christian Worldview: Foundations of Christian Higher Education, David Dockery, Greg Thornbury

  • Union: The Integration of Faith and Learning: A Basic Bibliography