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Articles, News, & Reviews
Dick Staub: Five "Must Knows" About Gibson’s “The Passion”
Dick Staub: Reflections on the day After The Passion
Baptist Press Articles on The Passion
Special Section, Florida Baptist Witness
The Passion of the Christ: Special Section in Christianity Today
Leadership Weekly issue on The Passion Materials for The Passion
Why Some Jews Fear The Passion
Good News to the Jew First
Jews Against Jesus?
Selected Quotes: Reviews of the Passion
Albert Mohler: Comments on the film (audio)

Christian Discussion
CrossWalk Discussion Thread: Now that you've seen it, what did you think?
CrossWalk Discussion Thread: Take your child?

Outreach Ideas & Materials
LifeWay Passion Section
North American Mission Board Passion Resources
Fan Kits & Promotional Materials
The Passion Outreach
Link to the Movie Trailer
Fish the Net

Sermon & Bible Study Materials for Sale
PowerPoint Slides, Sermon Central
Sermon Central Mailing List
Study Guides from Outreach

Free Sermons & Bible Studies
Bob AuBuchon: Cross Words, The 7 Last Words of Christ series
Bob AuBuchon: Easter Sermons
David Dykes: The Extreme Love of the Cross, Luke 23:44-49
David Dykes: The Place of the Skull, Luke 23:26-38
David Dykes: Three Cross-Roads, Luke 23:33, 39-43
David Dykes: Hallelujah! What a Savior! Isaiah 53:3-6
David Dykes: The End of Your Grave Problems, Luke 23:50–24:12
David Dykes: It’s Not the End–It’s Just the Beginning! Luke 24:3-53
David DykesOn the Road with Him, Luke 24:13-35
George H. Morrison: The Offense of the Cross
John Piper: Easter Sermons
Ray Stedman: The Way to the Cross, John 18:1-19:3
Ray Stedman: He Endured the Cross, John 19:4-42
Ray Stedman: The Incredible Hope, John 20:1-18
Ray Stedman: The Awful Penalty, Mark 15

Free On-site Materials
Forsaken: What did Jesus Mean?
Jesus is the Lord of Life
The Significance of the Resurrection
Jesus is the Only Way
Therefore! The Difference the Resurrection Makes, 1st Cor. 15:58
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Theologically Speaking
James P. Boyce: The Atonement of Christ (book chapter)
J.L. Dagg: Jesus Christ as Priest (book portion)

Biblical Terms
Atonement: Holman Bible Dictionary
Atonement: ISBE
Atonement: Vine's
Cross, Crucifixion: Holman Bible Dictionary
Cross, Crucifixion: ISBE
Cross, Crucify: Vine's
Expiation, Proptiation: Holman Bible Dictionary
Expiation: ISBE
Proptitiation: ISBE
Propitiation: Vine's
Ransom: ISBE
Ransom: Vine's
Reddem, Redemption, Redeemer: Holman Bible Dictionary
Redeemer, Redemtpion: ISBE
Redeem, Redemption: Vine's
Sacrifice, Offering: Holman Bible Dictionary
Sacrifice in NT 1: ISBE
Sacrifice in NT 2: ISBE
Sacrifice: Vine's

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