Master Site Plan in Four Phases


Phase One
  • 20,090 square foot building includes:
  • Worship Center (capacity: 499)
  • Education space (capacity: 378)
  • State of the art preschool space for 84
  • Fellowship hall (dual purpose space) (Capacity: 325)
  • Kitchen
  • Offices (3 ministers & 2 secretaries, workroom)
  • 280 parking spaces

See Picture Showing What First Phase Will Look Like
See First Phase Floor Plan         
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See Close Up of West Wing Floor Plan
See Close Up of First Phase Worship Center
See List of Features of Phase One

Phase Two
  • Phase 2 can be divided into Phases 2A, 2B, & 2C.
  • Phase 2A: New adult education & office space
  • Phase 2B: Additional preschool space
  • Phase 2C: New Worship center & choir rehearsal space
  • Phase 2A, 2B, & 2C can be built all at once -- or one or two at a time.

Ultimately phase two will:

  • Convert Phase One Worship Center into education space
  • New worship center capacity: 1000
  • Education Capacity: 562 (Can average 681 with two Sunday Schools)
  • Now up to 427 parking spaces

Phase Three
  • New 17,000 square foot recreation & education building
  • New 5,200 square foot building for additional preschool space
  • Education capacity now up to 984 (Can average 1,193 with two Sunday School sessions)
  • Now up to 746 parking spaces

Phase Four
  • Expand Worship Center (built in Phase 2C) to 1500 capacity
  • 46,530 square foot education expansion to create capacity for 1,875 people (Can average 2,278 with two Sunday School sessions)
  • Parking now up to 1,125 spaces


Each new phase is added as growth warrants it. Also, as we grow, there will be more people to help pay for the next phase.

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