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Sermons in MS Word

Sermons in MS Word by Derek Gentle
If you have MS Word, you can view these sermons in your browser by clicking on the link and then clicking OPEN when the dialog box appears. Or, you can right-click and download them. If you don't have Word, click here to download free Microsoft Word Viewer. Feel free to copy or edit in your word processor to include as part of your own sermons. You just can't take it and copyright it under your own name.


Joseph: When God Picks a Father, Matt. 1
Mary: When God Does the Impossible, Luke 1


The Great Commission, Matt. 28
World Missions

Commitment Series

Committed to the Lord
Committed to Worship
Committed to the Church

Wilderness Series

The Wilderness is a Bad Place
God and Grace in the Wilderness
Wilderness Work
The Wilderness is a Place of Preparation
The Wilderness is a Place to Praise
Coming Out of the Wilderness

Sermons on Worship

Practical Worship
Christ Centered Worship
Committed to Worship
Causes & Effects of Praise

Series on the Human Spirit

Our Human Spirits & How We Should Live
Sins of the Spirit
Trails of the Spirit

First Timothy

First Timothy 1:1-10
First Timothy 1:12-20
First Timothy 2.1-8
First Timothy 3:14-16
First Timothy 4:1-10
First Timothy 4:11-16
First Timothy 6:3-11.17-19
First Timothy 6:11-16

First Corinthians

How to Live in a Pagan World


  • Godís People: Living as a Minority Group, 1:18-2:16

  • Living as Godís People in a Litigious Society, 6:1-8

  • Living as Godís People in a Sexually Immoral Climate, 6:9-20

  • Living as Godís People in a Culture of Divorce, 7:1-40

  • Living as Free People with a Cause, 8:1-9:23; 10:23-33

  • Living as Godís People in an Idolatrous Age, 9:24-10:33

  • Living Steadfast, Knowing How It Turns Out, Chapter 15

  • Being the Church in a Pagan World


  • Understanding Our Identity as God's People, 1:1-9

  • Unity and Purity, 1:10-17, Chapter 5

  • Maturity, 3:1-23
  • Authority, 4:1-21
  • Orderly and Ministry

  • Generosity, 16:1-4
  • Duty, 16:5-24

  • Individual Messages

    Ordination Message: 8 Roles of the Minister
    The Kingdom of God
    Stedfastness & Continuing Revival
    Why Not Fear Not
    Who You Are in Christ
    The Witness of Christian Fellowship

    Baptist TOP1000