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Sermons in PowerPoint

Sermons by Derek Gentle
In Microsoft PowerPoint Format

To view the file, you can right-click your mouse and select SAVE TARGET AS -or- you can view the presentation in your viewer by clicking on the link and then selecting OPEN when the dialog box appears. Use the page down key to see every part of each slide. If you don't have PowerPoint, click here to download free Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer.

Each of these presentations has a background either in the public domain or made in-house; you are welcome to use the sermon "as is", to change and adapt the presentation to suit your purposes, or even to use the backgrounds for a different sermon altogether. You just can't take it and copyright it under your own name.

The Additives of the Faith, Part 1, 2nd Peter 1:3-9
The Additives of the Faith, Part 2

When It's Not That Easy: Anger
When It's Not That Easy: I've Suffered a Serious Blow
When It's Not That Easy: I Feel Like an Outcast
When It's Not That Easy: I Feel Overwhelmed & Depressed
When It's Not That Easy: Becoming a Church That Heals

Journey Out of Selfishness
Journey Out of Bitterness
Journey Out of Worldliness
Journey into Fullness
Journey into Usefulness

Inhabit the Land: Joshua 1
Inhabit the Land: Joshua 3
Inhabit the Land: Joshua 24

Abiding in Christ, John 15
The Centrality of Christ, Colossians 1
Clay Pots, Great Glory
Everyone Needs Three Homes
The Eyes of God on the Nation, Psalm 66:4-7, Independence Day
Faithfulness [ppt]
Reaching the Finish Line, Phil. 3
Father's Day, Ephesians 6:4 & Colossians 3:21
The Fruit of the Spirit, Galatians 5:16-25
God's Plan for Happiness, Psalm 1
The Ideal of the Christian Home
Lessons from an Old Soldier, II Samuel 21:15-22
Lifestyle Evangelism
Obedience, 1st Samuel 15:13-23 [ppt]
Personal Mission Statement
Prayer & Men in the Church, 1st Timothy 2:1-9
Therefore! The Difference the Resurrection Makes, First Corinthians 15:58
We Can't Rest Yet, Nehemiah 4:6-14
Who You Are in Christ: Seeing Yourself as God Sees You, selected Scriptures
World Missions, Romans 15:8-28

The Visit, Luke 1:67-79 [ppt]
Christmas Colors
When Christmas is Over, Matt. 2:10-23

Da Vinci Code
Da Vinci Code: Is the New Testament Reliable?
Da Vinci Code: Is Jesus God?
Da Vinci Code: Was Jesus a Married Man?

Nehemiah: Rebuilding Broken Lives
Nehemiah 1: Seven Steps to Restoration [ppt]
Nehemiah 2: Six Steps to Getting Started [ppt]
Nehemiah 3: Nine Portraits of the Church at Work [ppt]
Nehemiah 4: Five Challenges You will Face [ppt]
Nehemiah 4, part 2: How to Meet the Challenges [ppt]
Nehemiah 5, part 1: Five Failures to Avoid [ppt]
Nehemiah 5, part 2: Seven Keys to Biblical Confrontation [ppt]
Nehemiah 6: How Leaders Should Face Intimidation [ppt]
Nehemiah 8: Back to the Bible [ppt]
Nehemiah 9: Working The Process of Repentance [ppt]

Romans 1:1-15, A Model Ministry
Romans 1:18-24, God's Wrath Revealed
Romans 3:19-28, Where Will You Get Your Righteousness?
Romans 5:1-5, Where the Christian Stands
Romans 6, Salvation is a New Life, Not Just a New Standing
Romans 7:14-8.2, The Realizations of the Christian
Romans 8:1-16, It's an Inside Job
Romans 8:16-39, From Here to Glory

First Corinthians: Living in a Pagan World
The Great Contrast, 6:9-11
Minority in 2 Parts
Free, But With a Cause
Living in an Idolatrous Age
Living in a Litigious Society
Living in a Sexual Society

First Corinthians: Being the Church in a Pagan World
Authority, 3.18-4.21
Church Purity
Counter Culture
The Lords Supper
Orderly & Ministry
Unity & Purity

Letters of John: First, Second, & Third John
First John 1:1-4 in PPT   RealAudio  MP3
First John 1:5-10 in PPT   RealAudio  MP3
First John 2:1-2 in PPT   Judd: One Called Alongside
First John 2:12-14 in PPT
First John 2:15-17 in PPT
First John 2:18-27 in PPT
First John 2:28-3:3 in PPT
First John 3:3-10 in PPT
First John 3:10-21 in PPT
First John 3:24-4:6 in PPT
First John 5:1-13 in PPT
First John 5:14-21 in PPT

Sermons Without Backgrounds
The backgrounds used with these sermons were purchased commercially
and cannot be redistributed. A color has replaced the background.

Power for Living
The Holy Spirit at Work In the Believer (spiritual life), John 6:63
The Holy Spirit at Work Through the Believer (spiritual gifts)
The Holy Spirit at Work On the Believer (transformation)
The Holy Spirit Filling the Believer (being filled with the Spirit)
The Believer Quenching The Holy Spirit I Thessalonians 5:19

The Cross
The Offense of the Cross
The Curse of the Cross
The Significance of the Cross
Experience the Cross
The Triumph of the Cross

3 Dimensional Fellowship
The Couple God Uses, Luke 1:5-17
The Father Sending
How to be an Encourager, part 1
How to be an Encourager, part 2
Lost in Church, Matthew 7.21
Our Father God - A Portrait
Portrait of the Spirit-Filled Life
The Potter, the Clay, & Cracked Pots
Redigging the Wells
Let's Make a Deal - The Rich Young Ruler
Talking to your Kids about Christ

Just Backgrounds [ppt]
Nehemiah Backgrounds
Backgrounds for Romans
1st Corinthians Backgrounds
Do It Yourself Bible Study
Fruit of the Spirit
Law & Grace
Picture This