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Sermons & Articles

Sermons and Articles by Derek Gentle
This is a collection of sermons and articles that you can view and print from your browser. Feel free to copy portions or edit to include as part of your own sermons. You just can't take it and copyright it under your own name.

Going Places with God:

Going Places with God: On the Mountain
Going Places with God: Rules for the Road

Living in Light Of:

Living in Light of Providence
Living in Light of God's Love
Living in Light of the Future

Jesus on Discipleship:

A Disciple Has a Relationship with the Master
A Disciple is Under the Authority of the Master
A Disciple Learns from the Master
A Disciple Will Become Like His Master
A Disciple is Useful to His Master


Reacting to Christmas
What Child is This?
The Incarnation of Jesus Christ (an expanded outline)

Bible Doctrines Baptists Believe:

The Lordship of Christ
Regeneration (the New Birth)
A Believers Church
The Priesthood of All Believers
Believers Baptism


Forsaken - What Did Jesus Mean?
Jesus is the Lord of Life
Living in Light of the Future
The Significance of the Resurrection


What is Grace?
Transforming Grace
Serving Grace
Sustaining Grace

Worship and Praise:

Worship Begins with a Glimpse of God
Worship Celebrates the Greatness of God
Worship Acknowledges the Rule of God
Worship Appreciates the Goodness of God
Worship Sings Praises to God


Thank God for the Word, Missions
Jesus Christ, The First Missionary


Grace & Truth: The Balance in Lifestyle Evangelism
The Biblical Role of Deacons
Make Room for More! State of the Church 2001
Moving to Ministry Teams
Children & Conversion
Thoughts on Evangelism
Principle One: It's About Jesus
How to Pray for the Lost
How to Write an Evangelistic Letter
Distinguishing the Basics
Biblical Insights into Enemies
If You've Blown It
Lessons from an Old Soldier
Prayer Confessions for Hard Times
Proverbs by Topic
Revival: What it is and Who Needs It
Ten Keys to Being a Better College Youth Minister
The Sin of Murmuring
Where is Jesus When You Need Him?

In WordPerfect Format:

How to Develop a More Powerful Testimony Presentation
Dreaming Big Dreams: Prayer/Worksheet for Youth

In PDF Format:

Biblical Role of Deacons
Dreaming Big Dreams: Prayer/Worksheet for Youth
Preparing a More Effective Testimony Presentation

Scripture is taken from the New King James Version
© 1988 Thomas Nelson Inc. unless otherwise noted

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