Questions Concerning Relocation


This 32 page document was distributed to the congregation as we discussed relocation. This version is slightly redacted. The table of contents is listed below to enable you to decide if you want it.

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Table of Contents

But we have a nice, beautiful building already!

    • Preschool Building problems
    • Adult Educational Annex problems
    • Educational Building problems
    • Worship Center problems
    • Parking problems
    • Insufficient amount of land

But we havenít thoroughly investigated expanding at our present location

Why canít we expand our facilities here?

    • Why Canít We Build in the Back Parking Lot?
    • Why Not Build Across the Street?

Can we afford to build a whole new building?

    • Staying would not be good stewardship
    • Saving money is not a valid motive for staying

We have never borrowed money before!

Shouldnít the First Baptist Church be located in the center of town?

If the church relocates, wouldnít we be deserting the neighborhood?

Isn't a twenty-minute "drive time" to church an unrealistically large area?

Since when has relocation been an option anyway?

So how did we run 350 in the past?

But Tallassee isn't growing, is it?

What if we get in the middle of this project and the pastor leaves?

What about the stained glass windows?

What would happen to the buildings we are in now?

What would relocation be like?

What about a Daycare?

Why donít we have the entire package to vote on now?

What Biblical principles speak to this issue?

More questions to consider

Can you guarantee that this will work?

Report Supplement: Additional information from committee's presentation to the congregation

Download the entire file by right-clicking your mouse and selecting SAVE TARGET AS.

pdf format: relocation_questions.pdf

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