Motion to Purchase James Herren Property

The Motion:
The Deacons, by unanimous vote, move that the church purchase from James Herren property located on Friendship Road just past the Herren Hill Pharmacy and the white Herren House on the left and, on the right, Tallassee Elementary School. This property includes 15.73 acres +/- on the south side of the road and 6.43 acres +/- on the north side of the road. The price is $5,000 per acre, making the total purchase price approximately $110,800 pending a legal survey of the land, not including survey or closing costs. This purchase does not constitute the Church's decision to relocate. The opportunity to purchase this property facilitates the Church's ability to make a rational decision if relocation is required.

Why We Should Purchase This Property:

  • Its location: on the growing side of town.
  • Its visibility.
  • Its excellent price.
  • The acreage.
  • The ease in developing the land.

    Further Considerations for Purchasing Property:

  • The original decision to stay at our present location (1987 Long Range Planning Report) was based on the premise that, "The church is located in a changing area. The area should experience renewed interest and renovation. Even though most of the homes in the immediate area are older mill houses, they are in repairable condition and many of them will be improved." Instead, the neighborhood has seen more houses become rental property and more houses have become vacant. Since any decision could lock us in for fifty years, we should consider the future of the neighborhood and the best location for our future.
  • Acquiring the property needed to build is proving to be very difficult. Some owners do not wish to sell at this time. We are having to buy houses we don't need with the land the we do; thus, at premium prices.
  • The land we own at present has proven not to provide adequate land for the facilities we need.
  • The nature and mission of a New Testament church have, as the priority, effective ministry and evangelism. Jesus was clear in speaking to the Samaritan woman that there is not a particular special place where worship must take place exclusively (John 4:19-23).

    If Relocation is Necessary:

  • Any decision to relocate must involve a deliberate, clear, fair, and open minded process involving the entire church family.
  • If the congregation decides that relocation is in the church's best interest, a master project plan must be developed. This painstaking process would include: site plan development, capital fund raising requirements, architectural, and facilities requirements, etc..
  • Should relocation be initiated, both properties would have to be used simultaneously in a phased in transition.
  • We realize the church building stimulates our fondest memories. For this reason, such parts of the building to which the First Baptist family have a sentimental attachment (such as the stained glass windows) could be taken to the new location and incorporated into the design of a new facility.
  • A relocation plan may not necessitate the eventual sale of the present property. It is possible that the property could be used for future ministries of First Baptist.
  • Even in the event of relocation, we will need every building, house and parking space we now own in order to accommodate present attendance and provide for future growth during the transition. None of the purchases made in the last few years will prove to have been a waste of money.

    If We Eventually Choose to Not Relocate, Would We Be Stuck with Land We Don't Need?
    This land could be sold later, quite possibly at a profit.

    December, 2000