Features of Phase One


Phase One will...
  • Provide for everyone to be in Sunday Morning Bible Study AND Worship on the same campus.
  • Provide more education and worship space than we presently have.
  • Provide better space than we now have.


Phase One provides recommended room sizes:

  • Preschool: 35 square feet per preschooler
  • Children: 25 square feet per child
  • Youth & Adults: 12-15 square feet per person

Preschool   84
Children     38
Youth        45
Adults      211
Total        378

Note: The capacity numbers above do not reflect the use of the choir room. The choir room will have a partition and can double as two large classrooms. Preschool rooms are larger than rooms for children; if at some point, there are more children than preschoolers, first and second graders can be assigned to one of the preschool rooms.


The Fellowship Hall...

  • The west wing of the education building will double as a fellowship hall.
  • It will have hotel banquet room-quality operable walls to provide good acoustic isolation between spaces.
  • Capacity: up to 325 at tables.
  • Adequate storage will be provided for tables and chairs in the fellowship area.


Additional Advantages of Phase One...

  • Rest rooms are are conveniently located near the worship center and the educational facilities, on the same level.
  • A covered drive-through is provided.
  • Parking More adequate and more convenient.
  • State-of-the-art preschool space is provided to attract young families to our church (with age appropriate rest rooms).
  • Is designed for future growth and further expansion.
  • The worship center has a center aisle.
  • Baptistry located for good visibility with convenient dressing area.
  • Large, inviting foyer with welcome center to greet guests. Obvious entrance.


See the most recent phase one schematics in pdf format (as of November 2002):

Front and Rear Views of Phase One
Side Views of Phase One
Inside Front Worship Center
Inside Phase One Worship Center
Schematic, Worship Center
Floor Plan, All of Phase One
More Recent & More Detailed Floor Plan
If needed, you can Use the rotate button on the top right of Adobe Acrobat Viewer


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