How to Write an Evangelistic Letter

by Derek Gentle

An evangelistic letter is one written to encourage a lost friend to become a Christian. Such a letter may be written with a regular correspondent or to persons with whom you are so close that you have difficulty discussing the subject with them. One approach is to enclose a booklet explaining the plan of salvation.

Below are some suggestions as to how to make your letter most effective:

  • First, pray and ask God to guide you.
  • Select any booklet you enclose with your friend in mind. Tracts and booklets are like fishing lures; you pick a certain lure to catch a certain kind of fish.
  • This is an "indirect direct approach." Indirect in that you are writing a letter and not speaking face to face. Direct in that you will plainly, though tactfully, address the topic of salvation.
  • Make the tone of your letter non-condemning. You don't want to come across as, "I'm OK, but you are a sinner." Don't communicate that you think that somehow they need Jesus more than you do.
  • Make the letter personal. It shouldn't sound like you copied it out of a book or like a form letter of some kind. Say things to your friend that could only be said between you two.
  • Write a positive letter. The Gospel is good news.
  • Ask God to work in the heart of the person who receives your letter and to water the seed.

Sample Letters

Dear Fred,

Hey Bud! Congratulations again on that big buck you got Saturday. I was thinking about it and I can't remember a longer shot made by anyone in our club. That big bad boy will keep the taxidermist busy a while.

As you know, I became a Christian three months ago. It's the biggest thing that has happened in my life, but it's kind of awkward to talk about it. I was afraid that I might put my big foot in my mouth. I didn't want to sound like I think that all of a sudden I'm some kind of wonderful person -- Or come across like I want to do a sales job on my friends. But we've been friends a long time. So I would consider it a real favor if you would read the booklet I've enclosed. It says what I would I would like to say. Then I would be interested in hearing what you think about what it says.

Tell Blanche that Clarice has used her recipe for that chocolate triple fudge pie five time since Christmas when she gave it to her. By popular demand, I might add - so tell her that Clarice is not the only one who appreciates it.

See you at the hunting lodge next Friday,



Dear Sue,

I hope you all are doing OK. We are all right. Our latest news is that Bill just changed companies Tuesday - Pigeons Incorporated. The benefits are much better and he doesn't have go out of town nearly as much. The kids are fine. Little League and Softball are keeping us busy, but its fun.

I know that we have had a conversation about this, but it's still on my heart. And while I want to give you your space, I hope you will read the booklet I have enclosed. You've meant so much to me over the years! Often when I check on DeLynn before I go to bed, I remember that night you spent with me in the emergency room worrying and crying over her. After double-dating in high school and being in each other's wedding -- and being through so much together -- I just want to know for sure that our friendship can last forever.

I know the divorce was hard on you and that it's only natural to wonder how a good God could let you go through all this. But Sue, it wasn't God who was unfaithful to you, it was Dan. Jesus does love you, I promise. So please read the booklet and think on it.

Tell your parents hello for me. I was happy to see that your Dad is over his heart surgery. He looked so good! Now that he is doing better, maybe you can come down for the weekend. Bill says he will watch all the kids and we can go out to eat and to the mall.

Hug Jerry and Linda for me,