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Christian Doctrine
What Christians Believe, Baptist Distinctives

Specific Christian Beliefs Distinctive Baptist Beliefs
Creeds & Confessions
Baptist Confessions
General Theology Reference
Baptist Books on Doctrine
S. Baptist Resources
Calvinistic Baptist
Reformed Sites
The Church
Church History
Classic Christian Works

Doctrines Held by All Bible Believing Christians

Jesus is the Only Way to God
Jesus is the Only Way

Regeneration/The New Birth
The Doctrine of Regeneration by Bill Ascol
The Blessings of Grace - Section 4-Regeneration
by John L. Dagg

Regeneration and Conversion by James P. Boyce
Regeneration - outline by Derek Gentle

Scripture: Inspired & Reliable
Historic Southern Baptists on Scripture
Baptists, People of the Book
1994 Presidential Theological Study Committee - on Scripture
Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy
The Bible: Solo Christo

The Person of Jesus Christ: God, Man, Lord
The Incarnation of Jesus Christ, compiled by Derek Gentle
Forsaken: What Did Jesus Mean?
The Trinity by James P. Boyce
Personal Relations in the Trinity, James P. Boyce
The Duty of Believing in Jesus Christ by J. L. Dagg
The Person of Christ by J. L. Dagg
The States of Christ by J. L. Dagg
The Offices of Christ by J. L. Dagg
Conclusion on the Person of Christ by J. L. Dagg

Last Things
Millennium - from SBC Life
Baptist Panel Discussion on Last Things
Eschatology (PreMil, Post-Tribulational View)
Sola Scriptura (Pre-wrath view)
The Biblical Case for Mid-tribulationalism by Steve W. Lemke - NOBTS

Historic Christian Confessions & Creeds
The Apostle's Creed
The Athanasian Creed
The Nicene Creed
Definition of Chalcedon
The Augsburg Confession
Guide to Christian Literature on the Internet - Creeds
The Westminster Confession
The Second Helvetic Confession
A Puritan Confession of Faith
Thirty-Nine Articles: Anglicans/Episcopal
Twenty-Five Articles: United Methodist Church
The Westminster Catechism - Shorter Version
The Westminster Catechism - Larger Version
The Heidelberg Catechism
A Puritan Catechism
Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy

Distinctive Baptist Beliefs

Baptist Distinctives
19 Sermons on the Baptist Faith & Message
Reporting on the SBC for Dummies

Baptists on Perseverance (from various sources)
Final Perseverance by John L. Dagg
Final Perseverance of the Saints by James P. Boyce

Believer's Baptism
Baptists on Baptism (quotes from various sources)
Baptism by John L. Dagg
Baptizo: Links to Articles on Baptism
Baptism - outline by Derek Gentle

The Priesthood of All Believers
The Priesthood of All Believers & the Quest for Theological Integrity
by Timothy George (Also discusses Soul Competence)
Baptists on The Priesthood of All Believers
Notes on the Priesthood of All Believers, Derek Gentle

The Local Church: Regenerate & Autonomous
Baptists on the Autonomy of the Local Church
The Believers Church - outline by Derek Gentle
The Biblical Role of Deacons
The Biblical Role of Deacons, pdf
Elders, Pastors & Deacons by John Piper

Religious Liberty/Church & State
Baptists on Religious Liberty, Church & State
Danbury Baptist Association's Letter to Thomas Jefferson and His Reply

Baptist, Southern Baptist Confessions
2000 Baptist Faith and Message (Current Southern Baptist Confession of Faith)
Preamble 2000 Baptist Faith and Message
19 Sermons on the Baptist Faith & Message
Articles on the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message
(Baptist Press articles by various Southern Baptists on each section of the BF&M)
Baptist Faith & Message Book for The Online Bible (Book for the Online Bible)
2000, '63, '25 Baptist Faith & Message Side by Side - (On BSP)
2000, '63, '25 Baptist Faith & Message Side by Side - (on SBCNet)
The 2000 Baptist Faith & Message Revisions (article listing changes)
1963 Baptist Faith and Message
1925 Baptist Faith and Message
1994 Report of the Presidential Theological Study Committee
1987 Peace Committee Report
1858 Abstract of Principles, Southern Seminary
New Hampshire Baptist Confession of 1833
The Philadelphia Confession of Faith
First London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1646
Circular Letters of Baptists
Charles H. Spurgeon's Catechism of 1855
J&J Book's Southern Baptist Confessions - in PDF format

Theological Reference Resources

General Theological Reference
Baker's Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology
Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry
Fides Quaerens Internetum - Christian Theology
Leadership U Theology

Online Books: Baptist Works on Doctrine
J P Boyce: Abstract of Systematic Theology
J L Dagg: Manual of Theology
John Gill: A Body of Doctrinal & Practical Divinity

Other Online Books on Systematic Theology
Summary of Christian Doctrine, Louis Berkof
John Calvin: Institutes of the Christian Religion
Systematic Theology, R.L. Dabney
John Gill: A Body of Doctrinal & Practical Divinity
Systematic Theology, Charles Hodge
Luther's Table Talk
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Christian Classic Works
Selected Works of Martin Luther
J. C. Ryle Book Shelf
Works of Arthur Pink

Southern Baptist General Resources

Calvinistic Southern Baptists
Founders Journal
Grace Online Library
His By Grace
The Quiet Place: Reformed Baptist WWW Resources
Reformed Reader
Solo Christo
A Southern Baptist Calvinist Page

Resources from Other Baptist Groups

Reformed Sites, Non-Baptist
John Calvin: Institutes of the Christian Religion
Center for the Advancement of Paleo Orthodoxy
Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics
The Gospel Way
Kuyper Foundation: Online Documents classic articles & resources of historical orthodoxy
Reformed Evangelical Confessions & Statements of Faith
Sola Gratia
Sola Scriptura
Dave White's Links to Reformed Theology

Weslyan/Methodist Perspective
The Voice, Christian Resource Institute

Ecclessiology: the Study of the Church
9 Marks Ministries
The Church: Solo Christo

Church History
Christian History Magazine
Baptist Page - Hall of Church History
Christian Classics Electronic Library
Guide to Early Church Documents
Hall of Church History
Third Millenium Magazine - History

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