Prayer Ministry Team
Team Task Directive

Scope of Ministry: The intercessory prayer ministry of the church.

Basic Objectives:

1. To mobilize the church for prayer, providing vision, organization, and training.

2. To receive God's vision for First Baptist's prayer strategy and to formulate action plans for carrying out the strategy.

3. To coordinate a system of communicating prayer requests to those in the church with the gift of intercession.

4. To lead out in praying for those in the Tallassee community with spiritual and special needs, to undergird in prayer the membership and ministry of First Baptist, and to pray for those serving Christ on the mission fields.

General Responsibilities:

1. To co-labor with the Teaching Ministry Leadership Team to provide training in prayer, intercession, and spiritual warfare.

2. To provide multiple opportunities for involvement in the prayer ministry; this may include, for example, such things as a prayer room, a 24 hour prayer ministry, home prayer groups, teams to pray during worship services, prayer chains, neighborhood lighthouses of prayer, prayer walkers, etc.

3. To communicate to the church the opportunities for involvement in prayer.

4. To co-labor with the Upward Ministry Team in providing prayer support for that outreach.

5. To co-labor with the Pastor and Ministerial Staff.

Indicators of Effective Ministry:

  • Prayers are being answered.

  • Members are reporting that they are growing in their prayer life.

  • Increasing numbers of members are participating in various ways in the prayer ministry.

  • There is an awareness of the presence and blessing of God being upon the church.

  • Members serving God in other areas of the church's ministry are reporting that they sense the difference that the prayer is making.

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