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1279 Friendship Road
PO Box 780368
Tallassee, Alabama 36078
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Phase II Building Design

The Phase II Foor Plan and revised Master Site Plan were approved by the church on May 29, 2005 The files below are all in pdf format. You can use the zoom features for a closer look at the floor plans.
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Motion & Description of Phase II
Phase II Floor Plan
Side Views of Phase II Building
Revised Site Plan
Where will the new building be located?
How will we get to the new building?
Closeup of floor plan    Picture
Artist's rendering of the Fireside Room
Artist's rendering of youth assembly room

Phase II Capital Campaign: Growing by Faith
The Bundled Offering Concept Explained
How We're Doing: Growing by Faith Update (11/1/2006)

Selected Sections from Growing by Faith Brochure
To be mailed to the homes of church members
Why We Need this Building
Growing by Faith: A Plan that will Work
Sample Commitment Form

Growing by Faith Newsletters
Mailed to the homes of church members. Cartoons in issues 1, 2, 4, and 5 are from Christianity Today and if you wish to use them, you must purchase this set from them, as we did. Also, the article in Newsletter 5, "Nothing Great Happens Without Commitment" is taken from the kit, Time to Build by Rick Warren (see our inventory of its contents in pdf). Rights to use this article come with purchase of the kit.

Newsletter 1, July 21
Newsletter 2, July 28
Newsletter 3, August 9
Newsletter 4, August 16
Newsletter 5, August 22
Newsletter 6, August 30

Growing by Faith Banquet
Banquet Program