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A 31-Day Devotional Guide for Congregations Considering Relocation

Going Places with God was authored/compiled by Derek Gentle, pastor of First Baptist Church, Tallassee, Alabama. In this book, he shares what was learned as that church first studied, then decided to relocate, and finally built a new facility at a new location. Far from recommending relocation for everyone, he provides devotionals to help a congregation discover God's specific will for them. The appendix provides practical tools for your church to evaluate your unique situation, helping you determine the best course of action for your congregation. You can e-mail Pastor Gentle at

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This devotional booklet comes in hardcopy by a print-on-demand arrangement of the Virginia Baptist Mission Board with Kinkos. The only costs are for printing and shipping. No commissions are drawn. If the price seems a little high, it is because this is such a specialized subject that mass production is not possible.

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Devotional Titles

  • Praying for Guidance
  • How to Recognize the Will of God
  • God is Doing Something New
  • But I Want to Be Like the Other Kids
  • Deciding Together
  • How Are You Looking at It?
  • Why Are You Angry?
  • Secure Wise Counsel... and Listen
  • You Have Your Orders
  • What Are the Real Priorities in Your Church?
  • Where Are You?
  • The Church is Not a Refuge
  • Church Buildings are Tools, Not Temples
  • Guard Yourself from Idols
  • The Church: Compared to a Building
  • Churches Don't Merely Die, They Commit Suicide
  • The Church Without Faith is Dead
  • What Are You Doing Here?
  • Where Have You Come From, and Where Are You Going?
  • Where is Your Brother?
  • Why Have You Lied to the Holy Spirit?
  • Do You Love Me More than These?
  • Leaving a Legacy
  • Seasons in the Life of a Church
  • What Does Your Pastor Think About Relocation?
  • Who's Impacting Whom?
  • But That's a Lot of Money!
  • It's About Jesus
  • The Flexibility of Faith
  • No Church will Grow to Need the Space it Does Not Provide
  • All on the Altar

Table of Contents for the Appendix in pdf

Going Places with God Extras

Going Places Bonus Devotionals
These are not found in the book. When you print the devotional booklet for the congregation, you can use these to replace a devotional. They also serve as good samples to show what the booklet is like. These are in PDF format.

Not My Will, But Thy Will Be Done
Ground Rules for Discussion
The Spirit of Caleb
What's Eternal in Your Life?

Resource Materials

Links to purchase the books recommended in Going Places with God

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Relocation Manual for Pastors and Church Leaders

Relocation Manual for Pastors and Church Leaders
Current as of February 2, 2008
PDF (1.58 MB, 79 pages)

Presenting Relocation to Your Congregation

Deciding & Presenting Relocation
Church Building Programs & Relocation, a BSP index
Questions Concerning Relocation
Document used at First Baptist, Tallassee to explain why relocation was the right option for our church

Going Places with God Sermons

Going Places with God: On the Mountain
Going Places with God: Rules for the Road

Inhabit the Land   (in PowerPoint - right click to save)

Get Ready! We're Going In, Joshua 1
You've Never Traveled This Way Before, Joshua 3
A Time for Choosing, Joshua 24

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