Evangelism Ministry Team
Team Task Directive

Scope of Ministry: Those in the Tallassee area who do not know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Basic Objectives:

1. To make devoted followers of Jesus Christ out of irreligious people.

2. To mobilize the church for evangelism; to receive God's vision for First Baptist's evangelism strategy and to formulate action plans for carrying out the strategy.

3. To maintain a Christian presence in the community, to find ways to present the Gospel to those who do not know Christ, and to persuade people to receive Christ in personal commitment.

4. To create entry points where, in a "safe" environment, people can investigate the Christian faith, meet credible Christians, and have their questions answered.

General Responsibilities:

1. To co-labor with the Teaching Ministry Leadership Team to provide training in witnessing and lifestyle evangelism.

2. To involve people in evangelistic home Bible studies to create a setting where Christians can invite their friends who do not know the Lord.

3. To network with other Christians in the church to identify receptive people and to reach out through their social webs.

4. To clearly communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ, trusting the Holy Spirit to work within the hearers, until they decide for or against Christ.

5. To help new Christians in the church start reaching out to their friends and family soon after experiencing the new birth.

6. To plan and carry out "felt need" events to reach secular people with the Good News.

7. To maintain a profile of the overall membership of First Baptist ("First Baptist Fred" and "Betty") and of the people groups in our community ("Tallassee Tom" and "Tammy").

8. Based on the principle that "a church like ours reaches people like us," to select approaches which are most effective for reaching the people God has uniquely equipped us to reach. This is to be understood as building on our strengths rather than as an attempt to exclude.

9. When a people group requiring transcultural evangelism is discovered, to investigate the possibility of creating a transcultural new work team to start a new church.

10. To co-labor with the Pastor and Minister of Evangelism.

Indicators of Effective Ministry:

  • People are becoming Christians and are being baptized into the church.
  • Growing numbers of our church are consciously seeking to win lost family members and friends to Christ.
  • An increasing number of church members are acquiring and growing in their skills to share the gospel.
  • There is a regular flow of new people under the influence of the Gospel who are considering the claims of Christ upon their lives.
  • People are being exposed to the Word of God and to the people of God and, over time, are becoming Christians.

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